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WINTER HOURS: Tuesday - Sunday, 11AM - 4PM



Howard Park and Lisa Miceli Are you afraid to use bright colors? Learn how colorists use color contrast and color balance to create daring and vivid works of art. Explore by applying the coloristic approach to a typical realistic landscape painting. Create landscapes that are tonal and moody or vibrant with sun filled areas and […]

$230.00 – $270.00

PURE PIGMENT: Exploring the Versatility of Pastel

Laura L. Gorian Explore the versatile medium of pastel. With the vibrancy of pure pigment, pastels create painterly images through drawing techniques. Learn mark-making practices and pastel painting fundamentals, as well as advanced methods. This class is for anyone wanting to explore and create! No prior art training necessary. This class is open to either […]

Register $210.00 – $250.00


Sarah Stifler Lucas Advance your skills, technique, and personal style using acrylics or oils and a photo reference to inspire your piece. Bring your favorite photographs, magazine images, calendar pictures, etc., and explore the process of transforming them into your own work of art. Instructor demonstrations focus on design, composition, and value. Previous painting experience […]

Register $230.00 – $270.00