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Elected Artists


The artists who founded the Mystic Art Association (MAA) as a membership institution in 1913 did so with the intent of establishing a museum to foster the arts in Mystic for practitioners and audiences alike. Over a century later MAA has become Mystic Museum of Art (MMoA), fulfilling the goal of its founders with a year-round schedule of richly interpreted exhibitions, studio classes, and outreach programs.

The following artist members have achieved Elected Artist status, a title derived from MMoA’s history as a member organization for artists.

Carol A. Adams
Lisa Lyman Adams
Suzanne Dickson Albert
Robert Anderson
Teri Banas
Jillian Barber
Diane Brown
Alan Brush
Mary Jane Brush
Jane Buffum
John Cardin
Leon Chmielewski
Carole Clark
Geoffrey G. Constantine
Kathy Conway
Sylvia E. Cooke
Anne Winthrop Cordin
Bruce Dasinger
Denette Dasinger
Rita Dawley
Brian DeVantier
Linda DiFrenna-Ash
Janice Drake
Carol Dunn
Linda Edgar-Yost
Margaret Vonkleist Emond
Carole Erdman
Judith Flora
Lucien Flotte
Amy Foster
Gloria Fowler
Duane V. Gamble
Mary Gazda
Kam Ghaffari
Sandi Gold
Gretchen Higgins
Will Holub
Eric Hovermale
Peter Hussey
Alison C. Ives
Roger Carl Johanson
Eileen Kenny
Valerie King
Linda King
Daniel Lake
Marilyn McShane Levine
Gigi Horr Liverant
Robert Loebell
David Madacsi
Catherine Mansell
Howard Margules
Charles McCaughtry
Bruce McDermott
Lisa Miceli
Janvier Miller
Gus Miller
Timothy Mockler 
Jeannette Morse
Eileen McCarney Muldoon
Paul M. Murray
Karen Neff
Nancy Nielsen
Raymond O’Connell
Marian L. O’Connell
Colleen O’Connor
Patricia Elwood O’Day
Fran Oat
John S. Oat
Nancy Oates
Bjorn Olson
Linda J. Ouellette
Kathleen Page
Susan Parish
Howard Park
Charles Perini
Anne B. Pierson
R. Douglass Rice
Carl S. Richards
Randy Richards
Diana Rogers
Olivia Ann Rolston
Gina Rubin
Maggi B. Ryan
Nicholas Salerno
Ann Scavone
Susan Shaw
Paul Sikorski
Mary Burk Smith
Catherine Whall Smith
Beth Sullivan
Tony Sullivan
Linda Talerico
Richard Traskos
Peggy Traskos
Carmela Venti
Melissa Verdier
Melanie G. Watrous
Rosemary Webber
Cathy Weiss
Karin Forde Whittemore
Ann D. Williams
Karen Willis
Stephen Wilson

Please note that Elected Artists’ membership dues must be current to be listed.

Criteria to become an Elected Artist member has changed. Please contact Assistant Curator Amelia Onorato for more information: / 860.536.7601 x212