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March 28
9:00 am - 12:00 pm
$230.00 – $270.00

Howard Park and Lisa Miceli

Are you afraid to use bright colors? Learn how colorists use color contrast and color balance to create daring and vivid works of art. Explore by applying the coloristic approach to a typical realistic landscape painting. Create landscapes that are tonal and moody or vibrant with sun filled areas and light filled shadows. Learn to use the color wheel as a completely different tool, gain an understanding of placement of analogous and complementary colors, and see value instead of just color

Five-week series

Tuesdays, 9am – 12pm

March 7 – April 4

Members $230 / Non-Members $270


Class Supply List

Recommended Supply List for Oil or Acrylic 

Suggested oil paint brands: RGH paints, Rembrandt, Lucas and Gamblin

Howard’s limited palette:

White: Titanium white, large tubes. Gamblin has a flake white replacement. Zink white is a cool white with strong tinting qualities but can easily make colors get chalky

Black. Ivory black (Optional) Can be used to make greens and browns.

Red. Quinacridone red (a strong pure red) or Naphthol Red or Venetian Red.

Yellow:  Hansa yellow (a pure, semi-transparent yellow)

Blue: Ultramarine blue or ultramarine blue deep

Green: Viridian (a transparent green used as a modifier)

Brushes: Bristle brushes, even sizes 2-10.  Mostly filberts, a couple of flats and a few cheap hardware chip flats.

Palette knife and painting knives:  A mixing knife for mixing paint on the palette. Flexible painting knives of a variety of sizes and shapes.

Miscellaneous:  Paper towels, brush washer. medium cup. small trash bag, extra-large palette, odorless turpentine, [Thin -X] or gamsol,

Painting medium: Linseed oil to one part Gamsol, or one part stand oil to 4 parts Thin -X

Liquin, or Grumbacher Zec and Lucas 2225(fast drying gels)

For palette knife painting: cold wax painting butter such as Dorland’s cold wax medium

Canvas Boards 8X10, 9X12, 11X14 inches

Panel carriers to protect wet masterpieces

Recommended Supply List for Watercolor

Watercolor paper: Rough or cold press paper – minimum of 140lb

Brushes: Assorted sizes

Large wash brush or hake brush

1 1/2” flat – either synthetic or natural bristle

1-inch flat brush

#6 or other round brush

Lisa’s Palette:

(Please bring the colors you like to work with)

Raw sienna, cad yellow light, yellow ochre, quinacridone red, light red, burnt umber, ultramarine blue, cerulean blue, Payne’s grey, Prussian blue.

Drawing pencils and kneaded erasers for sketching

Small sketch pad

Masking tape

Water container (plastic or metal)

Roll of paper towels


Clips to hold paper