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Tile Art

I always look for projects that inevitably have successful results for both the “artsy” student and the child that might not always enjoy, or have confidence in, their art. This week’s lesson is super fun for all ages and will result in plenty of “Wow- that’s really cool!’ moments. I also appreciate the fact that there’s only so much control you have with this project. The end product is partially the result of chance, which I feel is a good lesson for artists. Sometimes we have to let go and just see what happens. This one is a crowd pleaser and can be used to make wonderful gifts! Turn your tiles into a set of coasters or piece them together to make a picture or mirror frame. Get the whole family involved in making them to turn this into a collaborative team effort!

Sharpie markers, white matte tiles (you pick the size), 91% rubbing alcohol (70% will not work), dropper, straw or small paintbrush

  • Color the tiles using a variety of bold color combinations and designs. Consider using colors that coordinate well with each other. For example, blues, greens, and teals will turn out lovely because they are colors within the same family.
  • Using your dropper, put little puddles (about dime size) of alcohol all over your colored tile. You will almost immediately see the alcohol start to blur the colors. Do not add too much at once or the colors will all run together and get muddy. Allow the drops to naturally run into each other, without feeling the need to “overwork” it.
  • Allow your tile to dry for a couple of hours. If you would like more blending then more alcohol can be added at any point in the drying process.
  • This last step is optional but highly recommended if you are going to be using your tiles for anything other than to just look at. Spray them down with a sealer, such as Krylon Clear Acrylic Coating, and allow to dry. Make sure to do this outside in a well-ventilated space since the odor is strong.