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Repurposed Famous Figures


It’s time to reinterpret the Mona Lisa! Lets take the most infamous painting of all time and give her a new look. This can be as serious or as silly as you want. Why stop with Mona… have fun researching and using other famous portraits throughout history such as American Gothic, Girl with a Pearl Earring, or The Birth of Venus.


Internet and printer capabilities, drawing utensils (crayons, marker, pencil, colored pencil… anything goes).


· Print out your selected version of “Mona Lisa’s head”. There are plenty of versions of this available online. Some include her hands and other elements of the original or simple work with just her face.
· You may want to cut and paste her face onto a better quality drawing paper, or simply used the computer paper you printed on.
· Get creative! What if Mona Lisa were an astronaut? A pastry chef? A professional athlete? Draw an environment, background, clothing, accessories that are fitting for her new “personality”.



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Fun Fact:

Did you know that Leonardo Da Vinci used more than 30 layers of paint on the Mona Lisa, some of which were thinner than a human hair!