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Pool Noodle Boats

Pool Noodle Boats (and other things Aquatic)

We have always enjoyed creating art with children that uses a material in an interesting way. And who doesn’t love the element of surprise? It’s so fun to see a young artist show off something they have made and the excitement they exude in explaining the process, especially when it’s a piece that begs the question- how did you make that? This project explores using a material designed for one purpose (in this case, a pool noodle) in a very different way.

  • A pool noodle willing to be repurposed
  • Serrated knife (adult needed)
  • Assorted paper (construction, cardstock)
  • Scissors, glue
  • Something to act as a mast (straw, stick, wooden dowel…)
  • Multimedia, craft materials- pipe cleaners, googley eyes, fabric, etc…


  • Cut a slice out of a pool noodle to make about a 2 inch disc (adults only)
  • Stick your mast down through the Styrofoam
  • Cut a triangular piece of paper or canvas material and glue to the mast to create a sail shape.
  • Decorate your boat by adding details- give it a name, cut small circles to make portholes, etc…

Extra- Use pieces of pool noodles to create ocean creatures such as jellyfish or an octopus! How about a coral reef or a school of fish? Bring your boat and undersea kingdom into the bathtub or play with them in the sink- it will float! See pix for more fun ideas.