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WINTER HOURS: Tuesday - Sunday, 11AM - 4PM

Fingerprint Art

Fingerprint Art
Objective: The possibilities are endless! Creating art with your children’s unique fingerprints is a great way to capture a moment, stretch your imagination, and add personalization to a piece. Turn it into a group project and get the whole family involved! We have been creating fingerprint art with classes and with our children for years, and some have turned out worthy of a picture frame! They also make a great gift to family members!
Materials: Drawing materials, paint or stamp pad, and a willing finger!

  • Start with a simple sketch, leaving space appropriate for where your fingerprints will go. If you want, there are countless templates available online if you didn’t want to draw your own. Simply print and go!
  • Dip those little fingers into your chosen colors and go to town!
  • Add details