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AMERICANA: 64th Annual Themed Regional Exhibition


July 4, 2020 @ 9:00 am
September 26, 2020 @ 5:00 pm

The theme of MMoA’s 2020 regional themed exhibition is AMERICANA.
The word AMERICANA refers to materials concerning, characteristic, or typical of the United States of America, its civilization, values, and culture. Consider the idiom “As American as Apple Pie”: during the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, this humble dish became so synonymous with American prosperity and national pride that it became part of the stock response “for Mom and apple pie” during WW II when young soldiers were asked what they were fighting for.
The first known usage of AMERICANA was in 1841, during the tumultuous pre-Civil War period of partisan conflict that would tear the country in half. As the USA braces itself for another divisive election year in 2020, and everything else that’s going on with nation-wide protests and a global pandemic, MMoA invited artists to examine their interpretation of this term, and to create work celebrating or subverting the symbolism, culture, and traditional values associated with “Americana.”
65 artists answered the call, submitting photographs, collages, paintings, encaustic works, and sculptures exploring topics from idyllic agricultural landmarks to important cultural movements and events, and everything in-between. The artists have included short statements to accompany their work, to help interpret and contextualize individual artworks.
In these unprecedented and stressful times, MMoA has chosen to focus on community over competition for this open exhibition. There was no entry fee, no juror, and no prizes were awarded. Much of this artwork is available for purchase privately, directly through the artists. Contact information is provided below.
This exhibition is best viewed at full-size by clicking on the thumbnail images below, and using the right and left arrows on your keyboard for navigation.
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MMoA is currently reviewing the exhibition schedule for the remainder of the year, and evaluating the situation as developments arise. It is unknown at this point whether the Museum will be able to safely reopen to the public.
Please bear with us as we endeavor to fulfill our mission to bring transformative art experiences to the region, while we also work to ensure the health and safety of our community.
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