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Decoupage Art

If there ever was a true decoupage fanatic, it would be Mystic Museum of Art’s Education Manager Mary Addison. There was a time that nothing was safe around her. With her fingers in a constant state of being covered with Mod Podge, she was decoupaging everything in sight. From, furniture, to shoes, holiday ornaments, picture frames, flowerpots, jewelry, various household items, etc… everything got a makeover!
There is something so enjoyable and rewarding in the experience of decoupaging. It is a crafting project for all ages, is a great way to make homemade gifts, and it encourages the concept of repurposing items rather than tossing them away. One can take the most basic item and give it a cool, fashionable, one-of-a-kind look. It is also a great way to explore your creativity with very few supplies needed. Incredible results can happen quickly, and of course, bigger projects such as furniture can get worked on slowly, over a longer period. So, break out those old magazines and unused items sitting up in the attic and get decoupaging!


  • Papers: wrapping paper, fabric, old greeting cards, tissue paper, music sheets, computer clip art, magazines and newspapers, copies of family photos, old artwork, scrapbooking papers…
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive coating- Preferred is Mod Podge (gloss or matte depending on your preference), but watered-down school glue can also work
  • Paintbrush


  • Cut or tear the papers you wish to use for your project. Decide on the placement.
  • Adhere the papers with a thin coat of Mod Podge with your foam brush.
  • After everything has been glued down, apply a layer of the glue over the top of the project to seal and protect your work.
  • After the project is completely dry, add a second, and even a third layer of Mod Podge especially if working with thicker papers.


  • Decoupage a piece of card-stock to make a fun place mat
  • Transform a shoe box into a treasure box for your favorite keepsakes
  • Turn a shell into a decorative jewelry/ trinket holder
  • Turn rocks into beautiful garden ornaments
  • Turn a bottle or terracotta pot into a flower vase/ pot
  • Design the front cover of a journal or sketchbook and decoupage a pencil to match
  • Design a personalized set of greeting cards