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Art and Music

Drawing to Music Objective: Within the world of creative expression, art and music are like close family relatives of each other. Often as parents and/or educators we feel more comfortable

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Shadow Tracing

Shadow Tracing Objective: Drawing and painting with light and shadow is an intriguing art encounter that is a great cross curricular learning opportunity. What’s great about the shadow drawing experience

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African Kente Cloth Weaving

  African Kente Cloth Weaving Objective: This multicultural project takes us to Africa and explores the significance of the Kente Cloth. The Kente Cloth was originally worm by royalty, the

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Paper Mache Art

Paper Mache We know it can be a bit messy,and some parents will cringe at what we are about to say but… paper mache is so much fun, the possibilities

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Decoupage Art

Decoupage If there ever was a true decoupage fanatic, it would be Mystic Museum of Art’s Education Manager Mary Addison. There was a time that nothing was safe around her.

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Nature Journaling

Nature Journaling Nature Journaling is the simple recording of observations of nature. It is a wonderful way to help us pay attention to our environment and to develop our awareness

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Art Inspired by Peter Reynolds

Meet one of MMoA’s favorite children’s author/ illustrator… Peter Reynolds.  His collection of stories are a joyful and powerful reminder of our individuality and advocate the fact that we are ALL

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“Salty” Art

“Salty” Portraits Objective: As parents, we want the best for our kids and that includes developing their creativity. But what if your child just isn’t into art. We obviously don’t

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Mindfulness and Art

 Mindful Art There seems to be a trend afflicting our culture these days. Many of us seem to be lacking focus and we feel the physical and mental effects of

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Blackout Poetry

Objective: It is a remarkable experience when art connects with language and incorporates text. That could mean a lot of things from writing and illustrating a graphic novel,  creating projects

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