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Inside Look: Silks by Lucille

Silk scarves by Lucille
Silk scarves by Lucille

Ever wonder how those pretty silk scarves you buy, actually get so pretty? You’re not the only one. Read on for an inside look at how Lucille P. Scelfo, owner and designer of Silks by Lucia has been marbling and hand painting on silk for the last twenty years.
Lucille became a creative entrepreneur twenty years ago, when her son was just a boy. She found a way to build a business while also being a stay-at-home mom. Like many artists, Lucille transformed her house into a studio, working in her kitchen and living room and storing her supplies in the computer room and basement.
Marbling Process: Silks by Lucille
The marbling process.

When asked to describe her creative process Lucille outlines a procedure that begins with untreated white silk, which is pre-washed and treated with alum, a chemical that allows the silk to accept the marbling paint permanently by changing its molecular structure.
She prepares the silk by smoothing it out with an iron, then creates a marbling solution made from powdered algae and water. She drops marbling paint on the surface of this thickened water and creates the “marble” effect with combs and styluses designed by herself and her husband.
The process is finished by rinsing, drying, heat setting and ironing each piece.
Lucille sells her work both retail and  wholesale and likes to meet every person who buys one of her pieces.  She exhibits her work in galleries around the country. You can find Lucille’s silks at Mystic Museum of Art during the Holiday Fine Art Show & Artisan Gift Salon through December 29.
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