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“99 Pieces of Art” Artists

99 Pieces of Art during MMoA99 at Mystic Museum of Art
The “99 Pieces of Art” sale featured during MMoA99 would not have been possible without the creative genious of a select number of supporting artists who donated their time and talent to support Mystic Museum of Art. Special thanks to these artists for creating the artwork featured in the sale:

William Abt
Ralph Acosta
Lisa  Adams
Sara Adams
Deb Aldo
Del-Bourre Bach
Sheila Barbone
Karen Barthelson
Gwen Basilica
Karen Bastidas
Serena Bates
Mara Beckwith
Holly Beeckman
Carmel Bourneuf
Mary Carey
Milly Carlson
Kimberly Charles
Carol Connor
Tony D’Amico
Rita Dawley
Craig Deines
Sadie DeVore
Janice DiBattista
Mark Dixon
Millie Donovan
Rob Dunlavy
Carol Dunn
Carole Erdman
Lucien Flotte
Amy Foster
Louis Fox
Laura Gaffke
Guido Garaycochea
Ted Genard
Pam Gordinier
Jim Grabowski
Robin Grace
Andy Halsey
Charles Hamm
Blaney Harris
Jake Hertzler
Gretchen Higgins
Barbara Holland
Gigi Horr-Liverant
Alison Ives
James Kaczman
Eileen Kenny
Chandler Kissell
Kathy Krafjack
Vincent Loiacono
Sarah Stifler Lucas
David Madasci
Laura McCarty
Maggie McDonough
Jeannette Morse
Christina Morse
Brian Murphy
Kat Murphy
Susan Parish
Gray Park
Howard Park
Mark Patnode
Julia Pavone
Clancy Philbrick
Jacqueline Phillips
Maddie Pryor
Maggi Ryan
Sarah Seip Park
Gab Simmons
Dennis Sirine
James Steinberg
Ken Steinkamp
Peggy Traskos
Elizabeth  Traynor
Lynn Walker
Karin Whittemore
Jessica Wiwczar
Donald  Woodford
Pamela  Zagarenski
Christopher Zhang